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Designing & Distilleries
Webinar Write-Up

Design experts discuss creating ‘experiences’ while upholding industrial processes in the latest webinar by #DesignPopUp.

Designing Distilleries_Hero v1.jpg
Designing Distilleries_Hero v1.jpg

For fascinating insights into refurbishing existing buildings and designing new projects from the ground up for the drinks distillery sector, you can now read the write-up of the most recent #DesignPopUp virtual panel, ‘Designing & Distilleries’.

We had the pleasure of sponsoring this interesting event last month as part of our commitment to bring you the most thought-provoking and relevant content for architecture, design, and the specification market.


The webinar featured Stuart Milne, Creative Director of Contagious, and Stuart Falconer, Project Director of Michael Laird Architects. The session discussed how distilleries are transforming into 'experiential' visitor attractions and the challenges and opportunities it presents architects and designers.

Topics covered included brand and customer journey interaction, sustainability, connection to place and history, and the importance of process and functionality. They showed distilleries are no longer the mere industrial plants of the past, solely operational and away from the public eye. Instead, today they are increasingly led by design, blending function, aesthetics and heritage — inviting the customer in at every step of the distillery process.

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