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At Stratis we feel fortunate to have worked with architects, designers and suppliers on some of the county’s most prestigious and award-winning projects, from small bar fit-outs to airports, hotels and offices. This eclectic mix of projects, we are constantly involved with, ensures the products we source are always in line with our customers and market requirements.

Representing Shadbolt Doors, a 5th generation family-owned company based in Essex and manufacturing timber doors, wall panels and cubicle systems. Shadbolt and Stratis are always keen to promote the latest technological advances to comply and indeed exceed building standards and fire safety legislation: i.e. anti-microbial finish is now standard on all veneered and painted doorsets ensuring 99.9% bacteria-free surfaces.


As of February 2023, we are now also representing Solus Ceramics

Solus are home to an endlessly evolving collection of beautiful, innovative and functional ceramic and porcelain tiles.  Their tiles start and end with the earth around us. So, for Solus, it’s imperative that we care for our planet earth by constantly reducing our impact where we can through innovation and smarter choices.  

With factories dotted around the earthy tones of Southern Europe, in Italy, Spain and Portugal, Solus pride themselves in the quality and attention to detail of every single tile that passes through their hands. 

More on Stratis: 

High profile Glasgow landmarks such as the Burrell Collection, Theatre Royal, Queen Street Station illustrate the appeal and reach of the agency’s work across Scotland. And the roll call continues.


The world-famous Malmaison Hotels, Apex Hotels, Foster's SSE Hydro and Armadillo, Glasgow and Aberdeen Airports, Scottish Power HQ, Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities have all seen the quiet hand of Stratis at work.

Starting his career in the construction industry in London and Belfast founder, Chris then chose Scotland as his base for Stratis. It has been from here that the agency has developed to provide invaluable expertise across the spectrum of business sectors.

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