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Apex City of Glasgow Hotel

An inviting contemporary design for the spacious foyer

The Apex Hotel Glasgow, designed by Ian Springford Architects, is the 9th Apex Hotel specified with Domus tile and wood products, balancing contemporary design with high-performance characteristics.

Burlington porcelain stone was installed on the foyer floor, chosen for its durability and slip-resistant surface combined with its beautiful natural stone look.


Stratis supplied the following Domus products:

  • Burlington DFZB 03

  • Domus Wood WD OP 038

  • Conceptual DMRC 03

  • Floortech 1.0 DFTC 03


Slip resistant surface and modern natural stone look

The bedroom en-suites use Domus Conceptual DMRC 03, a modern dark grey colour palette for walls & floor, and features innovative use of 800 x 800mm Floortech (DFTC 03) structured finish tiles to form minimal styled shower trays.

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