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Urbancrete — Get playful with concrete, terrazzo & bold patterns

The new Urbancrete range creates unified & characterful schemes from trendy & striking surface designs.

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Urbancrete — mix & match with ease


Combining multiple surface designs from various sources, with differing colours, finishes and patterns, into a cohesive and stylish scheme is often time-consuming and frustrating. Simplify the process with our new Urbancrete porcelain tile range.

With two trendy base materials and striking decorative patterns sharing the same colours and finishes, Urbancrete's surfaces will always be complementary regardless of how you mix and match them. As a result, it's ideal for creating unique reception areas, hospitality spaces, and high-end residential projects.


Naturalistic concrete and terrazzo effects underpin the range, providing a muted backdrop to contrast the vibrant décor patterns. Having two seemingly different materials — the first a symbol of urbanism and innovation, the second of authenticity and tradition — coexist within one range allows for creating spaces with intriguing design languages.

Urbancrete is available in five gorgeous neutral colours of warm and cool tones, supplemented with contemporary shades of mustard and blue and two printed décors. Formats include extra-large 6mm thick slabs (up to 2.8 x 1.2m), regular 10mm thickness, and 20mm thick external tiles.


Three tessellating designs (Lock, Shapes & Zigzag) can be produced with any colour and give spaces a playful character. These bold geometric patterns are precise and engineered to tile together accurately, thanks to the advancements of waterjet cutting technology. 

Our waterjet cutting service lets you explore beyond stock designs and commission a layout unique to your project.


An innovation of Urbancrete is the Comfort finish — a surface with high levels of anti-slip resistance (+36 PTV) but with the soft, smoother feel of a regular matt finish. A tile with a reduced surface roughness that is safe and suitable in wet conditions for public and commercial settings is game-changing. It's more pleasant underfoot and is easier to clean as dirt and grime have less surface area on which to cling.

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