Kaza Concrete

Striking an impeccable balance between artistry and technology, KAZA incorporates tactile 3D elements for bold accent walls, small and large, sensitively balancing style and innovation for luxury commercial products as well as the modern home.

The spirit at KAZA has been curious, intuitive, artistic and entertaining from the start, manifesting the care and skill invested in what we create. The resulting objects and installations challenge us to recognize the full potential of concrete and its casting.

Watch the video about Kaza's through-body colouring process: Kaza offers 24 base colours, in which the pigment is infused throughout the concrete mixture, supplemented with 6 metallic colour options.

A few projects we have been involved with:

By Burns Design

Bourbon Club, Glasgow July 2016

KAZA Seed – approx. 5m2 + KAZA Vine  – approx. 6m2


Raffaella’s Restaurant, Bearsden April 2015

KAZA Petal  – approx. 9m2


Tom Kitchin, Edinburgh

KAZA Florentine  – approx. 8m2



ACC Echo Arena, Liverpool July 17

KAZA Seed  – approx. 15m2