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A collection designed for monochromatic & natural schemes

The new Dawson tile ranges are right on-trend. 

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Dawson — natural monochrome


If you're a follower of design trends, you'll know that creating monochromatic schemes that express an expansive and monolithic architectural quality is hot right now. But here's the thing — unless you have an intriguing and stylish set of materials to choose from, preventing these designs from looking monotonous or too Modernist is challenging.

Our new Dawson tiles offer the ideal solution with a wealth of chic patterns, modular sizes, and thicknesses that allow surfaces to flow seamlessly from inside to out and from floor to wall. And by combining another beautiful trend — soft, neutral earthy tones and a blend of natural textures — into the surface designs, the Dawson ranges deliver expansive surfaces with an alluring style.

Dawson footers_Natural 1.jpg
Dawson footers_Stone 2.jpg
Dawson footers_Natural 2.jpg

4 surface designs, 1 shared colour palette

Each of the four Dawson ranges offers a unique design, characterised by a natural simplicity and minimalist aesthetic, giving spaces a compelling architectural feel. But the true power of the collection is unlocked by combining the ranges, mixing textures and finishes to add depth to monochromatic schemes. 

With all four ranges sharing the same colour palette, showcasing your ability to expertly layer materials and textures into a stunning and cohesive whole has never been so easy.



A concrete-effect range with realistic surface tonal variation and detail.

View Dawson

Dawson Pro


A softer, less varied concrete-effect look than the Dawson range.

View Dawson Pro

Dawson Stone

Dawson Stone 1.jpg

A stone-effect design inspired by the esteemed Pyrenees Limestone.

View Dawson Stone

Dawson Natural


A stone-effect design inspired by the esteemed Pyrenees Limestone.

View Dawson Natural

Bringing the outside in

There's one other design trend that Dawson will help you master: creating spaces with a connection to nature and blurring the threshold between outside and inside.

Dawson's soothing, organic hues (with a few solid colour options for the bold) and natural-looking surfaces form interiors that help promote the sense of calmness and restoration offered by nature. And by specifying 20mm thickness externally and 9mm thickness internally in the same design, surfaces appear to cross the outside/inside threshold seamlessly.


Explore the complete range of colours, patterns, mosaics, finishes, and large-format slabs (only 6mm thick) at Parkside, and order free samples.

See how the Dawson ranges can help you approach tile specifications that connect spaces and get on trend with a presentation at your office.

To arrange a meeting, please email Chris McGlennon at

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