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CRIATERRA - The Zero Waste, Production Efficient, Wall Tile

Criaterra is a zero-waste tile made from 100% natural materials with a 90% energy saving over ceramic products. The wall tile challenges the conventions of production and design and is 100% biodegradable, taking a bold step to product circularity.


The zero waste, production efficient wall tile

Criaterra is entirely made from natural materials, entirely recyclable and entirely biodegradable: a true zero-waste wall tile. Using up to 70% upcycled content from quarry waste (stone powders), clays and plant fibres, the wall tile uses a low temperature process that reduces greenhouse gases and takes 90% less energy than conventional ceramics.   

Under the principle of Circular Earth Technology, Criaterra starts with 100% raw materials, even natural pigments, with up to 70% of these materials post-industrial recycled. The tile is then made with a patented process that replaces conventional high temperature firing for a 90% reduction in energy use and a 92% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Thermally efficient (600% that of concrete), Criaterra also provides energy savings in use. At the end of life, it can be recycled or degraded back into the earth as nutrients.

Developed during an extensive five-year R&D project by a team of designers and material engineers, led by sustainability designer, Adital Ela. Applying contemporary science and technology to traditional techniques, the team has created a material that’s as strong as concrete yet six times more thermally efficient. 

The eco composite material has a wide range of potential applications and is made to an algorithm that adapts the technology to worldwide production. Criaterra’s technology was also developed to enable industrial 3D engineering, with a unique production moulding technology that allows for structural products with defined mechanical properties. 


Get creative with zero waste

Suitable for internal decorative use, Criaterra is available in eight geometric shapes which can be organised into limitless combinations in Quad or arranged through the irregular hexagon and concave form of Hex to reference the shape’s common occurrence in the natural world. 

A nine-strong palette of clay-like tones, from pale Dolomit through to Onyx and Ruby, give a strong ‘from earth’ feel and make Criaterra well-suited to commercial interiors heavily influenced by natural materials. 

The organic, sculptural quality of Hex is a cue to the product’s natural origin and ability to be computer designed in 3D forms. The square, rectangular and rhombus flat shapes of Quad also ground the tile well in more ordered contemporary schemes.  

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