The Beginning of a New Generation of Shadbolt

2018 sees the team at Shadbolt welcome the 5th generation of the Shadbolt family into the firm. Simon's daughter, Alysa recently joined, as Marketing Manager - with her extensive knowledge in the field, Alysa's brief is to modernise Shadbolt's Marketing and Social Media and work on giving the website a much needed update.

For her first year in the business Alysa will be working on the factory floor, drawing on the wealth of experience from the factory's knowledgeable team and gaining an innate understanding of our wide range of products and services. Following on from that she will then work in every department of the business so that she has a full understanding of the unique Shadbolt offering and how they service a very dynamic market.

Once up to speed, Alysa will be working alongside Simon and Paul to continue to propel Shadbolt forward into the future. Here at Stratis we are very much looking forward to working with Alysa in many more, new and exciting projects.

Alysa Shadbolt 5th Generation